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Industrial Scale

Whether you’re designing a system from the ground up or duplicating and expand an existing system, we have the expertise to build your next system to your exact specifications.

Our industrial scale autoclavable bioreactors and fermentors are ideal for larger volumes from 500 to 50,000 litres. We can also design a super skid to your unique needs then fabricate the equipment right on your site to ensure it integrates with your existing manufacturing site. All of our equipment goes through rigorous validation and project planning procedures to make sure you receive the finest quality for consistent results.

Open frame units come pre-mounted and pre-wired for easy installation and maintenance. Both industrial scale models come with patented HTPG4™ impellers maximize thermal and oxygen transfer and minimize shear force. The intuitive and user-friendly Neptune™ control system complies with cGAMP Revision 4, 21 CFR Part 11 and S88 standards (batch module). Software package options are available for process optimization/fermentation research or production.

We thoroughly test each unit and provide material and component traceability with 100% endoscopic control of welds. We also provide a detailed documentation package to support validation.

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