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Clean-in-Place (CIP)

Effective, ecological, reliable and reproducible cleaning-in-place (CIP) of process equipment is of the utmost importance in a hygienic manufacturing environment and best practice to prevent malfunctions or contaminations.

Depending on the users requirements DCI-Biolafitte has CIP-equipment in its wide product offerings covering all important aspects of aseptic cleaning. No matter what size process equipment is involved, DCI-Biolafitte has industry-proven CIP-solutions in its product portfolio which ensure:

  • Effective cleaning
  • Low consumption of water and cleaning solutions
  • Short cleaning times
  • Reliable, reproducible operation
  • Full compliance with cGMP regulations (validation)

DCI-Biolafitte offers a wide range of CIP-units that are specially designed for meeting the stringent cleaning requirements of the biotech, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and related high purity industries:

CIP-pump-cart-189x240.jpgCIP Pump Cart

This simple, tank-less CIP-solution is a very robust, economical equipment to perform CIP in a laboratory environment, where typically CIP-access is not available but desirable to achieve fast turnarounds between campaigns. The vesseI/bioreactor/fermenter to be cleaned is being used as the mixing tank for the detergent solutions and for the control of the temperature of the cleaning solution. A perfect device to significantly increase cleaning effectiveness and reduce the time involved for cleaning.



MobiClean.jpgA cost-efficient mobile cleaning-in-place system utilizing single use CIP-solution(s). It is widely adaptable due to a large number of configurations and very easy-to-use. This mobile CIP-equipment allows for cleaning of larger vessels (i.e. vessels with one, two or three sprayballs previsions) in an environment where space is limited and a fixed piped, stationary CIP-system is not feasible. MobiClean is available with one tank or two tanks. Furthermore it features a controlled and monitored return of the cleaning solution allowing its recycling similar to the commonly applied features in fixed-piped, built-in CIP-systems. Provisions to measure the cleaning solutions in the return line include conductivity measurement. This way the rate of contamination of the cleaning solutions can be determined based upon earlier defined process metrics. Accordingly the solutions are either recycled or dumped.


BioClean.jpgFixed-piped, stationary and fully-automated CIP-system utilizing single use CIP-solutions. Typically fully custom-engineered, based on specific end-user requirements, BioClean is used primarily for pharmaceutical and bioprocess applications where CIP-solutions must be supplied to several vessels/bioreactors/fermenter systems including various addition and transfer lines. Reproducible and traceable cleaning cycles with 30 built-in cleaning programs.

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