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Service and Support

Customize and maintain your equipment with additional agitators, components, and replacement parts from DCI-Biolafitte. Our field service technicians provide prompt service for modifications and repairs. We’re proud to be ASME “R” certified for modifying and repairing pressure vacuum vessels of all sizes and brands.

Site Fabrication and Field Service

We’ll bring the highest skill levels and latest technology right to your site. Our team of experienced field specialists can fabricate any size tank up to 500,000 gallons and manage the entire project with our own heavy-duty construction equipment. We'll also coordinate our project with your contractors so your existing plant operations and other construction programs can continue without any delay or interruption.

Qualification and Validation

A successful project integrates validation right from the start. So we've created a Validation Guide that governs the design, manufacturing, and installation our products (fermentors, mixers, CIP units, and other equipment). Our validation approach is entirely based on our robust Quality Assurance System.

Installation and Commissioning

Our team of highly qualified mechanical and electrical technicians, automation and instrument engineers, and process specialists will help you install and commission your equipment to ensure optimal performance and comply with the most strenuous cGMP rules and agreements. Contact us for more information about our installing and commissioning service.


Whether you have just acquired new equipment from DCI-Biolafitte or need to train operators on an existing system, we'll provide you with necessary support to instruct your staff. Our experts will show your team how to use your equipment, as well as how to maintain it for optimal performance.

Cleaning and Sterilization Consultation

Our technical experts have developed extensive processes to maintain the cleanliness and sterilization of your equipment. Contact us for more information about technical consultation for routine maintenance of your systems.

Maintenance and Diagnostic Plans

In your industry, reliable equipment is critical for your operations. We can work with your maintenance department to develop a customized preventive maintenance plan that keeps your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Equipment Upgrades

Technologies and processes in the biotechnology industry are always evolving. We're committed to providing you with the most up-to-date tools and options for your equipment. When it comes to upgrading your existing systems, we offer numerous choices. Contact us to learn about your options.

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