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As the biotechnology industry rapidly grows and changes, DCI-Biolafitte is ready with innovative solutions to help you achieve your biotech needs. We value the contributions you make in this industry and we take pride in designing and manufacturing fermentor and bioreactor systems to leaders in the market.

Our line of biotech equipment combines decades of engineering excellence and production expertise to manufacture quality scalable solutions, including:Epitopix-016.jpg

From small bench-top units to industrial-scale systems, we will help you determine the right equipment for your needs. If you have customized needs, please let us know and we will be happy to fulfill all your specifications in a made-to-order solution that’s best in class.

Just as you keep seeking new biotech solutions, we will continue to develop new innovations to support your work.  From your first call to DCI-Biolafitte through installation and after-support, we will work hard to show you how much we appreciate your business.

Biolafitte fermentor at the Smithsonian

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