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Most modern biological and pharmaceutical products are produced in well-defined bioprocesses using fermentors for the cultivation of bacteria, yeast or fungi and bioreactors for mammalian cells, plant
cells or insect cells.

DCI-Biolafitte fermentors and bioreactors are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and regulations known today within the biopharmaceutical industry (cGMP, FDA, GAMP, ASME, BPE, etc.) to provide optimal growth conditions for all the cultures. This covers the following main characteristics to ensure security and guarantee reproducibility and the manufacturing of uniform batches:

Aseptic operation: Preserve sterility at all time to prevent the contamination of the culture.

Homogeneous environment: Maintain homogeneous conditions in your cultivation vessel with regard to substrate, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and product concentration. This is typically done with proper agitation and, if applicable, the use of correct baffles and other devices.

Dispersion of air respectively different gasses: Provide precise supply of air and gas dispersed into the substrate and maintain appropriate mass-transfer.

Efficient heat transfer: This is a very important point for both endothermic and exothermic processes.

Easy cleaning: Properly designed equipment ensures that impurities or residues do not negatively affect the bioconversion or spoil the final product or harm the integrity of your product.

State-of-the-art controls: No matter how sophisticated your process is, it must be correctly controlled with all measurements logged-in the control system to ensure, monitor, check and record all quality metrics.

Safety regulations: Safe conditions are maintained at each state of the process, including loss of energy, to prevent accidents, to protect personnel, environment and equipment from harmful substances.

Impeccable documentation: We are well known for our impeccable manuals and turn-over packages for cGMP operation. All of this will help you in your efforts to validate your process faster.

DCI-Biolafitte has broad experience in all of these fields and is willing to share the know how and expertise with you. Our wide fermentor and bioreactor product portfolio includes various different models, from bench-top, laboratory size to pilot size to large scale, custom engineered production trains. No matter what size, all DCI-Biolafitte units are designed and manufactured on these principles and share above main characteristics. They will provide you with the professional platform for the successful cultivation of your product in all batch sizes. Furthermore we can help you improving the performance of your existing equipment by introducing retrofits and upgrades. Contact us today with your questions.

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