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design-review.jpgUsing our wealth of experience that comes from years of designing and being systems for the traditional biotech and biopharmaceutical applications, DCI-Biolafitte is well-suited to design and manufacture systems for the biofuels industry in which fermentations using yeasts, fungi, and bacteria are employed for sustainable processing and energy solutions.

We offer both small-scale fermentation systems for research and pilot activities as well as large industrial-scale systems for demonstration and production purposes. Our extensive retrofit capabilities also allow us to assist in retrofitting existing pilot and production facilities for use in second and third generation biofuels processes.

We use best-practice engineering design more typically associated with cGMP equipment while concurrently reducing the levels of documentation and the material/instrumentation requirements to make the systems more appropriate and economically feasible for industrial biotech processes like biofuels. Contact us to discuss the solution that is right for your biofuels process.

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