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The DCI-Biolafitte Process

A Value-added Service

At DCI-Biolafitte, we are focused on serving your needs and expectations as we work with you to develop the products that will serve you best. Before we begin manufacturing any equipments, we'll evaluate your specifications and your bio-process vessel application. We'll also make sure our equipment complies with industry and governmental regulations as well as other technical data.

Prior to fabrication, we'll perform an examination of key engineering elements to ensure every factor is in exact order. Such elements include:

  • Vessel design and construction
  • Mixing and agitation (and other component design and fabrication)
  • Material selection, including special alloys such as Inconel® and Hastelloy®
  • Product contact surface finishes
  • Heating and cooling data/requirements
  • Automation and control system requirements and features
  • GMP/GAMP validation requirements

DCI-Biolafitte's process is a team approach. When you place your order, our sales and customer service departments meet with our production team to make sure your equipment is built on time and on budget. From estimating, engineering and drafting, and materials andinventory associates to the craftspeople on our shop floor who perform the forming, welding, machining, polishing, and shipping of your order, DCI-Biolafitte works together smoothly as a project team unit!

Our full-service approach doesn't stop after we ship your order. We'll continue through installation, commissioning, and training. We are here to back you up in every stage of the process—including maintenance and diagnostics.

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