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Quality Control

qa-205x206.jpgWe approach every custom project with the experience, diligence, and consistent quality assurance indicative of the DCI name.

DCI recognizes the importance of in-factory testing prior to shipment. These are a few of the quality assurance steps we take to ensure your satisfaction.

PMI - Positive Material Identification

DCI implements Positive Material Identification (PMI) to assure material traceability of components built into our product. Our PMI procedure includes checking the materials as received, and also stipulates checks on the shop floor to ensure that the documentation remains intact during the manufacturing process. A customer also can request a final PMI of the finished product.

To do this, DCI is using the latest technology, NITON® X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) hand-held alloy analyzers, to perform the analysis.


CIP Pre-Validation

Our custom-designed-and-built CIP (Clean-In-Place) system includes a PLC for automatic control of flow, pressure, and temperature. Timed bursts and other customer test requirements can be preprogrammed. A process recorder provides a printout of the parameters for each test. We meet current ASME BPE requirements.

Dye Penetrant Testing

This test is used for location/identification of surface defects, detection of cracking in welded joints, or of fatigue cracking in stressed materials.

The surface of the material being tested is coated with a penetrant, which contains a dye. The penetrant seeps into any open areas on the material. After the excess penetrant is cleaned from the surface of the sample, a developer is applied. The developer lifts the penetrant out of the defect, and the dye stains the developer, creating an outline of the defect or crack.


We use this method of testing a vessel for leaks by filling it with water and applying pressure.

Head Presses

DCI offers tank heads (sometimes referred to as lids, caps, or covers) in alloys including stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy®, Inconel® and aluminum. Designs available include flanged and dished; 80/10; 2:1 elliptical; and flat flanged and conical.

Our heads are designed and fabricated using unique customer specifications. Each customer-built head is manufactured meeting customer standards and specifications to ensure quality.

Material Weld Finishes

DCI offers several standard finishes, which can be applied to meet your application requirements:

  • Electroplishing
  • As - Welded
  • Glass Bead
  • Cleaned
  • 155 Ra
  • 50 Ra
  • 32 Ra
  • 25 Ra
  • 20 Ra
  • 10 Ra

Learn more about our Material Weld Finishes brochure (PDF).

Heat Transfer Surface Designs

Plug-welded Dimple Jackets
Laser-welded Dimple Jackets (Inflated)
Half-pipe Jackets
Conventional Jackets
Vessel Internal Coils


Combining DCI electropolishing with our established procedures of material selection, controlled fabrication techniques, and continued quality control, assures superior craftsmanship. We can electropolish tanks and vessels with capacities to 30,000 gallons at DCI.

Consider the benefits of electropolishing:

  • Removes metallic and non-metallic surface inclusions
  • Reduces the exposed product contact surface area
  • Improves surface cleanibility
  • Improves corrosion resistance and life expectancy of the vessel
  • Provides passive product contact surfaces

View our Electropolishing brochure (PDF).

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